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“Energy Saving Trust were really knowledgeable and went above and beyond answering energy efficiency questions, giving us verified facts for our articles and developing the Home Energy Saving Tool. They steered direction on a number of features of the green living proposition with their expertise.” - Sarah Coles, Halifax senior manager for mortgages customer development

Wirral Council

“Our experience with Energy Saving Trust has been excellent from start to finish. We would certainly recommend Home Analytics, PEAT and the non-domestic buildings report to other local authorities, to assist them in improving buildings in the transition to low and zero carbon.” - Ed Kingsley, principal strategic housing and investment officer, Wirral Council


“Energy Saving Trust have been an invaluable partner and have greatly supported Dacorum Borough Council at their time of need with this crucial work by being able to help slice through the confusion with their data, reports, expertise and friendly communication.” - Melanie Parr, Climate Emergency and Sustainability Programme Lead, Dacorum Borough Council


We can provide a strategy to reduce the environmental impact of your business to achieve your sustainability goals.


We use data to give us vital insights into the ways businesses and consumers engage with energy and sustainability.


We provide training to engage your employees with sustainability or upskill your team to provide energy advice.